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Smart Card Reader Drivers

Microsoft Windows:

Windows users should not need to install any drivers.  Drivers self-install on all Windows platforms.  These drivers are for rare use on legacy Windows platforms only.
Please contact us before using these drivers.

To determine if your reader has properly self-installed on a Windows workstation, go to Windows Device Manager (right-click on Computer (This PC in Windows 8/10), select Properties and select Device Manager).   You should see a list of devices similar to the list below.  There should be a category entitled Smart card readers and if you click on it, it should show a device named Microsoft Usbccid Smartcard Reader (WUDF) or similar.

Macintosh OS X:

Macintosh Installer (.pkg driver) for Mac OS X 10.7 or earlier
Mac OS Installer (.zip 6KB) (updated 7/29/11)

Note to Mac OS:  No driver is required for SGT111-7, SGT111-8, SGT111-8c, SGT117XE-3, SGT117XE-4, SGT118-6, SGT118-6c, SGT119XM-4, SGTiall-2 and SGTiall-2c
OS X will self-install an EMV Smart Card reader driver automatically.  To determine if these readers are properly installed go to:

/ About This Mac / System Report... / Hardware / USB.  An "EMV Smartcard Reader" device should be present.

Macintosh Installer for older SGT smart card readers (.dmg Disk Image File) for Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13  (Mountain Lion, Mavericks OS, Yosemite OS, El Capitan, Sierra. High Sierra)

Mac OS Installer (OS X Disk Image File 226KB) (updated 1/3/15)

For OS X versions 10.11 and newer.  You may have to turn SIP off to install driver:
1. Boot into recovery mode (CMD+R) before Apple Icon shows up.
2. Open terminal from the menu -> utilities.
3. Run command csrutil disable.
4. Run command reboot to restart.
5. Install driver normally

DOD and US Govt Macintosh users please reference for additional install procedures

Linux Users:

SGT111/SGT114/SGT116/SGT117/SGT118/SGT119/SGT121/SGT122 Linux Driver (.bz2 78KB)
Also see:

Note to DOD CAC/PIV Users:
The above software and the software included on your CD is not required nor recommended for DOD CAC use.  Consult your Command's IT Officer.

Android Users:

The SGT111-7, SGT111-8, SGT111-8c, SGT117XE-3, SGT117XE-4, SGT118-6, SGT118-6c, SGT119XM-4, SGTiall-2 and SGTiall-2c self-install and are compatible with Android versions 5 and newer.  No drivers are required.

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